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The Get Buffed!™ educational range is dedicated to guiding all those are training to get bigger, stronger and or leaner. The information in the Get Buffed!™ educational range is 100% original material, based on my personal and professional experiences, spanning over four decades and involving thousands of athletes and clients.

I know the frustrations of having a training goal, and not being able to achieve it.

What was holding me back in my early days may be different that what is holding you back, however I believe that the solutions and answers I discovered in answering my personal questions about training will make a huge difference in your training.

My frustration was I wanted to get bigger and stronger, but as I ventured through life I realized that no-one knew the answer to my single, burning question – what is the best way to train?

My training journey began very early, when I was about seven years old. I had the unique experience of being exposed to the local strong man on a near-daily basis. His habit of flexing his arms to show what I as a young boy thought were massive arms had a lasting impact on me!  I had not yet seen a bodybuilding magazine, yet had been impacted in a lasting personal way by bodybuilding.  In hindsight, I appreciate how fortunate I was as a boy living on an island in the Pacific in the 1960s to have a strongman as a role model!

My early venture into the gym to achieve the physique of my hero didn’t last long, as the gym decided I was to young to be in there and banned me. When I attended a much more modern country in Australia for high school, I enjoyed the opportunity to utilize the schools strength training facilities. The bent iron rods with lumps of concrete on each end didn’t faze me. More of a concern was my realization that even though some of the older boys were bigger and stronger than me, I didn’t know the answers to my question.  As good as my physical education teachers were, I also knew deep down that they didn’t know the answers to my questions, a conclusion that some two decades later I was able to confirm with one of the teachers when he engaged me to work with a group of athletes he was training.

In 1980 I went to university to study what I thought was a course about how to train. This was a step up again in knowledge from high school, but I was dismayed to learn again that no-one at university really knew the answer to my question – what is the best way to train?

So I took it upon myself, through personal experience, professional study, and self-directed personal research to find the answers to my questions.

By 1982 I was teaching strength training to adults, and I felt adequately equipped to write my first course curriculum in 1983. In 1984 I wrote my first educational book on how to train, aimed at anyone interested in sharing the lessons I had learnt. It was titled ‘Bodybuilding Programmes’ (yes, double ‘m’!). Below is an extract from the preface of that book.

gain muscle growth with the Get buffed educational range

By 1986 I was responsible for over 100 elite athletes, and decided that I bestformalize my services with the creation of one of the worlds first commercial services exclusively dedicated to physically preparing elite athletes and educating coaches.  And I kept on training. In fact, at this time, I was training competitively in powerlifting.

Ian King powerlifting champion

The dual role of training myself and training hundreds of others at the same time wasn’t easy, but it was very rewarding. It led to the opportunity to train

thousands of athletes over the next few decades, and what I learnt from these experiences – my training and training of others – form the basis of the information I provide through the Get Buffed!™ educational range.

I learnt many things from training athletes in a wide variety of sports. One of these was that you can build a phenomenal physique even when strength training is your secondary or support activity. Most people training in the gym for size and strength feel the world is coming to an end if they miss a workout or a week of training. Athletes I trained often missed weeks in the gym due to travel and competitive commitments, yet were able to achieve phenomenal results.

This got me thinking about the limitations of many commonly held beliefs about frequency, intensity and duration of strength training.

Another development was the evolution of my unique bodyweights. During the 1990s, a decade in which heavy loading was considered a necessity, I broke from the dominant beliefs in forming my own ideas about loading. I concluded that loading was over-rated, that it had little to no correlation with sporting performance outside of the strength sports, and that until the athlete had mastered an exercise through full range with their own bodyweight, there was no justification for applying external loading.

The unique and original unilateral bodyweight exercises that resulted from my real-world experimentation not only served the athletes I trained and myself, I note so many publications now singing the praises of them.

Another key component I developed optimal programs for the majority of athletes and people training to improve their physiques who did not use drugs. Up until I published my concepts, there was little option for the most than to apply the excessive volume and intensity training methods promoted in not only the Muscle and Fitness type magazines, but also in the more mainstream ‘body beautiful’ magazines. These high volume training programs left most with the conclusion that drugs were their only solution, which is not accurate.

When I began publishing my original ideas in bodybuilding and fitness magazine during the late 1990s and early 2000s they were extremely popular, and from the feedback I received added so much value to the life’s of so many.

This included my famous six months training program published in Men’s Health magazine in 2000/2001, which led to the publishing of the highly successful Book of Muscle (2003).

From the original Get Buffed!™ product has grown a product range of nearly twenty products, which have been purchased by people in practically every country of the world!  They bring an invaluable message to all who receive them. And people have been willing to do what they need to do to get their hands on them. In one instance, an imitation book containing extensive extracts from the Get Buffed!™ was published with a few exercises pictures in it taken of people who didn’t even do the exercises in the way intended, and it sold for over $100 USD!  You can buy the original book for much less!

We are so confident of our material, we guarantee your satisfaction!

And when you purchase a Get Buffed!™ product you can be assured you are getting the original – not a poor quality copy!

There’s never been a better time than now to go to the source of the world’s most effective education and training programs for getting bigger, stronger and or leaner!

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